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Spoiler Alert—“Mad Mice” Scramble as Celldance 2013 Nears End

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Falling-MouseBinge viewers planning to watch the entire run of a certain retro TV series involving a Madison Avenue advertising agency should leave the room. Celldance 2013 has obtained the plot outline for the final episode and is prepared to reveal what happens to every character (even the dead ones). However, you can distract us from this indiscretion while making cell biology "really useful" to the world and winning $500 in the process. All this can be done by submitting your winning video entry to Celldance 2013 by Wednesday, October 31, by 5:00 pm EDT.

We simplified the contest this year to make Celldance videos really useful to teachers in the classroom and to the public on the web. We want short, clear videos that illustrate basic cell processes. Sound is optional. You don't have to write a script. Just send us a minute or two of jaw-dropping microscopic splendor revealing something basic like mitosis or cell motility. The top prize in this year's "Really Useful" category is $500 cash. There are other cash prizes as well as a separate "Public Outreach" competition.

Besides sparing the world the spoiled outcome of "Mad Mice," you can do a colleague in your lab or institution a great favor by pointing out that there is probably a potential Celldance winner sitting on his/her hard drive right now. Do this person, the ASCB, and serial television drama a good deed by sending her/him to this URL for complete information and rules.

And, no, Don Draper does not come up with a brilliant microfuge campaign in the last MM episode.

John Fleischman

John is ASCB Senior Science Writer and the author among other things of two nonfiction books for older children, "Phineas Gage: A Gruesome But True Story About Brain Science" and "Black & White Airmen," both from Houghton-Mifflin-Harcourt, Boston.

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