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Undead “Mad Mice” Jump the Shark—Celldance Ends On Halloween!

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Falling-Mouse zombieRecently the organizers of Celldance may have gone too far when they threatened to reveal the fates of all the characters on a certain retro TV dramatic serial involving Madison Avenue. The show is wreathed in cigarette smoke so we weren't feeling bad about choking it off. But POST readers complained that they didn't want to know that in 1997 Don Draper would become the first human to have his entire genome sequenced only to have it come back blank. Still we plead necessity. The end of Celldance 2013, ASCB's cell biology video contest, is fast approaching its final deadline and ASCBers never pay any attention to deadlines until 36 hours before. We have a tough crowd—microscopy video wizards—to reach.

Our cause is our justification. Celldance was redesigned for 2013 to become "Really Useful," especially for teachers in the classroom and to the public on the web. This year, the main "Really Useful" contest is for short, clear videos that illustrate basic cell processes. Clarity is all—sound, scripts, special effects are optional. The winner will send in an extraordinary minute or two of video that reveals in jaw-dropping detail the microscopic splendor of something very basic like mitosis or cell motility. That video will take the top prize—$500—in this year's "Really Useful" category. There are other cash prizes as well as a separate "Public Outreach" competition and everything needed to enter is here

Celldance 2013 closes for entries on Wednesday, October 31, at 5 pm EDT, which is, of course, Halloween. What if on Friday, someone discovers a prize-winning Celldance "Really Useful" entry sitting on her/his hard drive? Friends don't let friends throw away outstanding cell

John Fleischman

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