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Hang Out with a Famous Scientist

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Vale Lasker StuyvesantHS CYou can hang out with Ron Vale who spoke at
New York City's Stuyvesant High School last year
after winning the Lasker for his discovery of kinesin.
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Hankering for face time with a distinguished researcher? No matter where you are in the world, you will soon be able to drop by for an online Google hangout with some of the world's leading biology discoverers. The hangouts are organized by, the open-access, free science video site supported by ASCB. (You will need to sign up for Google Plus, a free social networking site launched by Google, to participate in the hangout. During the hangout you can see a group of participants on their webcams in tiny tiles on your screen. Google then automatically detects who's talking and gives him/her a big tile.)

First up will be Ron Vale from the University of California, San Francisco, on November 7 at 12:00 noon EST. Vale is a Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) investigator, a winner of the 2012 Lasker Basic Medical Research Award for his discovery of the motor protein kinesin, and, not incidentally, the founder of Before participating in his hangout, check out his iBioEducation lecture on "Molecular Motors" or his iBioMagazine talk "Looking for Myosin and Finding Kinesin."

Vale will soon be followed by other well-known scientists. Gregory Petsko, a professor at Weill Cornell Medical College and member of the National Academy of Sciences, will be hanging out on December 3 to discuss postdocs and the biomedical workforce. On January 13, pull up a chair with Princeton's Bonnie Bassler, a member of the National Academy of Sciences, HHMI investigator, and the discoverer of bacterial "quorum sensing."

Nine participants will be selected to be "inside" the hangout "room" with the "visiting" scientist while everyone else "outside" can watch the live broadcast and submit questions in real-time. To find out more about the event, sign up here.

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