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Our People--Mana-Capelli Wins MBoC Paper of the Year Award

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Sebastian Mana-CapelliSebastian Mana-Capelli of the University of Massachusetts Medical School was named by the Molecular Biology of the Cell (MBoC) Editorial Board as recipient of the 23nd annual MBoC Paper of the Year Award. As a postdoc in Dannel McCollum's lab, Mana-Capelli was first author of the article "Angiomotins link F-actin architecture to Hippo pathway signaling" (Mol. Biol. Cell 25, 1676–1685).

"Mechanical tension and actin stress can regulate cellular proliferation mediated by the Yap transcriptional regulator," explains Benjamin Margolis of the University of Michigan Medical School, the MBoC Associate Editor who served as monitoring editor of the paper. "In this manuscript Mana-Capelli and coauthors define novel interactions between the actin binding angiomotin proteins and the Hippo signaling pathway in controlling nuclear Yap targeting and cellular proliferation."
Mana-Capelli will present his research at a minisymposium at the ASCB/IFCB Meeting in Philadelphia this December. The MBoC Paper of the Year is selected by the Editorial Board from among papers published in the journal each year between June and May that have a postdoc or student as the first author.

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