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Local Meetings - Application Details and Deadlines

The next application deadline for 2015 Meetings is January 31, 2015. The meetings can be held anytime within one year of funding approval.

biggins With the goal of promoting scientific communication and fostering local communities of cell biologists, the American Society for Cell Biology is pleased to announce financial support to catalyze new, one-day local meetings organized by graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Topics can range from basic science to career development, as long as there is clear relevance to the broadly defined field of cell biology.

An application must include the following information:

  1. CVs (two-page maximum; format of your choice) of the students and/or postdoc co-organizers. There must be a minimum of two and maximum of four co-organizers.  Principal Investigators (PI) can apply for funding at teaching universities. Organizers must be current members of ASCB at the time of the application.
  2. A description of the meeting, which will include 1) the topic and goals of the meeting, 2) proposed date or approximate date, 3) the intended audience and institutions to be invited, and 4) and how the meeting will benefit the local community (up to one page.
  3. An outline of the sessions (e.g., including number of student/postdoc talks, faculty talks, poster sessions, breakout discussion groups). The meeting outline (up to one page) does not need to be in final form, but should provide enough information to understand the proposed event.
  4. A proposed budget. Funds can cover refreshments (e.g., coffee, snacks, lunch, etc.) but not honoraria for speakers. We encourage organizers to invite speakers from the local area. However, funds could include travel for one speaker outside of the local area (economy air fare plus two nights’ hotel), if the travel costs are relatively low. You may apply for up to $1,500. A larger budget that is suitably justified may be awarded in exceptional cases, depending on the availability of funds.
  5. How you plan to acknowledge ASCB funding for your meeting.

Please submit the above information in one integrated pdf to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If sponsored, the meeting organizers are expected to acknowledge ASCB in their local advertisement and to write a brief, 500-word report of the meeting after its conclusion. ASCB will provide a publicity poster and some literature to display at the meeting. Organizers are also asked to use the opportunity to encourage meeting attendees to join the ASCB. They will be provided with membership material and will be authorized to offer 50% membership discounts to those signing up at the meeting.

Note: The funds (financial support) for One-Day Local Meetings may be used to cover the direct costs of the meeting, but grantees will not be entitled to use grant funds to cover indirect costs. Examples of indirect costs include, but are not limited to, executive oversight, accounting, grants management, legal expenses, utilities, facility maintenance. The funds are limited to $1,500 per local meeting.  If additional funds are needed, please provide additional explanation why it is needed and how it can be achieved.

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