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International Research & Training
Exchange Fair
“Closing the Gap”
The ASCB is a great venue for the exhibition of science at its best. Now, 53 years since its first
meeting, a meeting is held once a year that brings together on average 9,000 participants. In
order to reach an even wider audience, the International Affairs Committee (IAC) has begun
collecting information on scientific activities in various countries to disseminate through the
ASCB. The purpose is to raise awareness, to increase communication, and to promote exchange of
science and scientists around the globe.
Why now? Although it may be relatively easy to learn about the universities and research
institutes, and the research programs and funding agencies in a country such as the U.S., this is
not always the case for a large number of countries, even though some of them have world-­‐class
centers of science and education. Many young, and not so young, scientists are perhaps unaware
of the research activities and opportunities, as well as the simple fact that English is the
at many of the research centers around the globe. Many countries have built, and are
building, highly sophisticated centers for education and research with the intent of attracting new
blood. However, those outside of the respective countries are usually not aware of the new
developments, the sources of funding, deadlines for applications, positions available, and the
possibilities of obtaining funds for short-­‐ and long-­‐term travel.
Our aim is to serve as a platform for the exchange and exhibition of scientific developments in all
countries. This year we report on 30 countries. The respective reports include the current status
of the scientific communities and websites for accessing information on funding and travel
related opportunities. We hope that this information will help and encourage young scientists in
the scientific programs around the globe. We shall soon report all new developments on IAC’s
How can you help? Please make use of the information in these reports and communicate with
the appropriate agencies with respect to your interest in teaching, educating, pursuing graduate
and postdoctoral research, collaborating, and joining the new departments and institutes. Write
to the corresponding authors from the respective countries or submit your queries to me for
more information. Write about your collaborations and your travel to those institutes that are
unfamiliar to the larger community of scientists, and above all, contact us with your ideas and
plans to promote science around the world.
Cynthia Jensen
ional Exchange Fair Coordinator
ew Zealand
ternatio al Affairs Committee (IAC)
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