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A Month to the 2008 ASCB Meeting and Other Comments

I'm not sure how many visitors to this page will be attending the meeting next month in SF. WICB has an excellent program planned for members, so do make it a point to check it out. 

On a separate note, if you have tried to post here and have had problems, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. directly and we can try to sort them out. Also, if you feel you have something to say, but are wary about posting it here, e-mail me the thread and if appropriate, I can try to initiate a discussion here without any reference to you. This will safeguard your identity and perhaps bring to light important issues. I say this because I have received a specific comment from a reader, indicating that she would like to make a post but is concerned about how it will affect her job prospects down the road.

So please do not hesitate to send me any suggestions in terms of topics for discussion here. It is clear, from what you all can see, that most posts are getting a number of hits. This means we have readers!

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