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Women Bullying Women at Work - Article in NYT

The NYT has an article that tries to address the issues facing women who work with and for women. After reading the article yesterday, I had a look at some of the comments from readers. The gender of the commenters is not indicated, but the consensus seems to be that working with and for women is harder than it is for a man. While I concur with some of the comments, I take umbrage to this and am beside myself in trying to figure out how to change these dynamics to more favorable ones. It also seems that as with the increasing pace of life, these issues become even more flagrant. Oh and since I am not a psychologist, can someone explain what I have observed many times and can't understand: when two women are arguing and it slowly becomes clear one argument seems more solid than the other, the woman whose argument is losing ground more often than not says to the other - "why are you being confrontational"; or better stil, "stop getting defensive." Now the same women, when arguing with a male colleague will either concede the argument for what it is worth, or else decide it is not worth spending anymore time on it and walk away! Can anyone explain this or is it simply not worth dwelling on?

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