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December 2013
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The Honor of Serving ASCB
I write my last column as ASCB President on
the eve of our Annual Meeting this year in New
Orleans. It’s been a great year, and it’s going to
be a great meeting.
There’s a Lot Happening
in New Orleans
The Annual Meeting gets off
to a fabulous start with our
Keynote speakers, Elaine Fuchs
and Craig Venter, two visionaries
in modern science. If you haven’t
heard either of them speak
before (or even if you have),
make an extra special effort to be
there. You’re in for a treat.
And on Monday evening
we will have another very special event: Two
longtime lions of ASCB will—on their way back
from Stockholm, no less!—tell us about the
work for which they received the 2013 Nobel
Prize in Physiology or Medicine. Don’t miss this
opportunity to hear Jim Rothman and Randy
Under the leadership of Program Chair
Arshad Desai, in New Orleans we will continue
two threads begun at the San Francisco
meeting in 2012 (Cell Biology and the Physical
Sciences and Cell Biology and Medicine) with
a continuous string of activities throughout the
meeting. We’ve also added a very important
new thread: Professional Development, which
will include workshops on college teaching and
careers away from the bench; sessions on how
to get into graduate school (plus the Graduate
School Fair); presentations on how to get a
postdoc position, a faculty position, or a job at
a primarily undergraduate institution; sessions
on grant-writing and on funding and research
opportunities in Brazil, China, Europe, India,
and the United States; and the popular one-
on-one CV review and mentoring advice in the
Career Center. There will be sessions every day
devoted to career opportunities for PhDs in the
21st century. ASCB recognizes that students
and postdocs don’t always have access to optimal
advice on scientific careers in public service,
policy making, and the corporate sector. We
intend to address that gap.
Indeed, one further step in this direction was
ASCB’s establishment this year of its Committee
on Postdocs and Students (COMPASS).
Under the co-leadership of Jessica
Polka and Ted Ho, COMPASS
has given our younger members an
ever-present voice at the table in
the meetings of the Council. And
they have been very active. Their
stated goals are to provide more
opportunities for young scientists
to pursue careers in nonacademic
settings; engage and inform ASCB
students and postdocs; reach out to
society, students, and non-ASCB cell
biologists to tell them about science
and the ASCB; and promote social interactions
among ASCB members. Some of COMPASS’s
specific accomplishments have included
launching a very popular blog, revamping the
ASCB Ambassadors program, and creating the
Annual Meeting Buddy Program to help first-
time attendees get the most out of the Annual
Partnering with Industry in Support
of Science
Another exciting event at the Annual
Meeting will be the presentation of our
newly inaugurated award for extraordinary
research achievement during a graduate
career. This $5,000 prize—the ASCB Kaluza
Prize supported by Beckman Coulter—
will be presented just prior to the Keith R.
Porter Lecture on Sunday evening (see p. 5).
We received a large number of applications
describing some amazing achievements. I know
firsthand; I’ve read all 154 of them. We will also
honor the nine winners of the ASCB Beckman
Coulter Distinguished Graduate Student
Achievement Prizes.
The Kaluza Prize is one example of what
ASCB is able to achieve by forming partnerships
with industry. ASCB and Beckman Coulter
created this prize because of their mutual
Don Cleveland
by Don Cleveland
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