ASCB Newsletter Dec 2013 - page 37

Nontraditional Careers, Round Trip from Stockholm, and
Printing Posters on Fabric
Here are this month’s top stories from the ASCB Post
and from our lively ASCB blogs, “Activation
from the ASCB Post and ASCB Blogs
“Nontraditional Science Careers: Patent Agent”
Interested in a career away from the bench? Christina Szalinski writes
about the careers of two patent agents who earned their PhDs in
biology but found rewarding work in intellectual property law.
“The Other Darwin—Alfred Russel Wallace Gets His Turn in the
Limelight 100 Years On”
John Fleischman commemorates the centennial of Alfred Russel
Wallace’s death with a post about Wallace, one of the most original
and little-celebrated biologists of all time.
A generation younger than
Darwin, Wallace came up with the theory of evolution by natural
selection independently in 1858. 
“As Journal Impact Factor Loses Respectability, Can Altmetrics
Provide Other Measures?”
The San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment endorsed
18 recommendations for new standards of research assessment to
move away from journal-based metrics, but what are the alternatives?
Christina Szalinski reports.
ASCB Executive Director Stefano Bertuzzi’s
“Activation Energy” Blog
“Round Trip from Stockholm to ASCB”
Nobel Prize winner Randy Schekman returns to his ASCB roots.
Bertuzzi writes about Schekman’s memories of being galvanized by
Nobelist George Palade’s straight-from-Stockholm speech at the 1974
ASCB Annual Meeting and Schekman’s own plans to return from
the Nobel ceremonies via New Orleans so he can speak at the 2013
Annual Meeting.
COMPASS (Committee for Postdocs and Students)
“How to Print a Fabric Poster”
COMPASS co-chair Jessica Polka provides step-by-step instructions
for printing your poster on wrinkle-resistant fabric so that it’s easy to
transport to the Annual Meeting in your suitcase.
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