Mission Statement

An advocacy group promoting gender equality and diversity in the field of cell biology by providing career development programs, mentoring, speaker lists, achievement awards, child-care grants and web-based resources for all ASCB members.



At scientific meetings, scientific review panels, and university symposia/lecture series, a balanced gender representation at the podium or in the review process makes for a better and more interesting outcome.

To facilitate identifying outstanding women scientists, WICB provides an extensive list of speakers who have won awards, given Symposium talks at ASCB meetings or who have organized Minisymposia in their respective research areas. WICB will provide this list of outstanding women (categorized by research area) to facilitate the process of choosing women as conference invitees or panel reviewers.

Click here to browse the current list of recommended outstanding female speakers*.

Alternatively, conference organizers need only provide a brief description of the planned conference/symposium/lecture series/review panel. Within three days, WICB will respond with names of women who are vetted speakers and trusted colleagues in that research area. Contact wicb@ascb.org, Subject: Speaker Referral

* Don’t See Your Name? This list represents ASCB awardees and speakers at ASCB Symposia and Minisymposia since 1998. If we missed you, please let us know wicb@ascb.org



WICB publishes a monthly article in the ASCB Newsletter on issues relating to women, men, and careers. These articles from 1996 to present can be downloaded by non-members as well as members from the ASCB website and serve as a superb source of mentoring information.


Outstanding WICB columns have been collected in Career Advice for Life Scientists I and II and III whose publication was supported by the NIH’s Office of Research on Women’s Health.

WICB also wrote and published Life Sciences Research and Teaching: Strategies for a Successful Job Hunt.
All of these are available as free pdf downloads from the ASCB website.


Programs at the Annual Meeting are a primary way of bringing topics and initiatives especially related to career development for women to the ASCB membership.

Numerous members of Women in Cell Biology (WICB) are involved in planning programs, sometimes cooperatively with EdComm, COMPASS and MAC, and in introducing and sometimes presenting the sessions.


Career Discussion and Mentoring Roundtable

We welcome volunteers to lead the roundtables on a broad range of topics including Jobs in Biotech, How to Negotiate, Dual Career issues, etc.

This event provides roundtable discussions on issues of importance to cell biologists in various stages of their careers. It has proven to be an excellent way to disseminate practical information on career choices, to discuss strategies for effectively developing a career, and to network with others who share career interests and concerns. Conversations are moderated by individuals who have experience in various professional areas or with particular issues.

Childcare Awards

The Childcare Awards administered by the committee allow many more junior faculty, postdocs, and grad students who are parents to attend than would otherwise be able to.

Mentoring Theater

Satire and humor are used to highlight inept solutions to problems that scientists face. Eminent scientists who are willing to make fun of themselves act out scenarios of career challenges, including effective self-promotion, developing self-esteem, dealing with funding problems, publishing, negotiating for a job, and feeling overwhelmed. After the performance, the audience is invited to engage in a question-and-answer session with the senior scientists/thespians to identify effective strategies. This program, which immediately follows the WICB Awards presentation.

Monthly Women in Cell Biology Career Advice Column

We welcome suggestions for topics and authors for the WICB monthly article in the ASCB Newsletter on issues relating to women, men, children, and careers. These articles from 1996 to present can be downloaded by non-members as well as members from the ASCB website and serve as a superb source of mentoring information.

WICB Photo Montage

To show students and postdocs examples of scientists with children and who have full lives outside the lab, WICB  asked colleagues to contribute a photo of themselves with their families or pursuing their favorite activities for inclusion in a photo montage. We welcome your family/activity photos and will be happy to include on the website.

Please send the photo using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

WICB Network

The WICB Network is an alliance of ASCB members who wish to learn about, support, and perhaps participate in our various activities and initiatives.

WICB Network members receive periodic emails highlighting articles related to career/life issues. If you would like to receive periodic emails from the WICB Network, please sign up using the “Contact Us” section below.

WICB Network hosts a social event for members at the annual ASCB meeting.

WICB Network Reception

Members of the WICB Network and people interested in learning more about the network and the committee’s activities–and meeting one another–are cordially invited to attend the WICB Network Reception at the Annual Meeting. Please see the program for more details.

WICB Associates

Interested in joining the Women in Cell Biology Committee?

We welcome volunteers (from all levels of education and all types of scientific and educational institutions) to become associate members for a year.

For further information, please use the contact form below.


Sandra L. Schmid
2014 Senior Leadership Award

Valerie Weaver
2014 Mid-Career Award for Excellence in Research

Valentina Greco
2014 Junior Award for Excellence in Research



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Using the form below the gallery, contribute a photo of yourself with your family or pursuing your favorite hobby to show our students and postdoc scientists that women in cell biology can have children and enjoy life as well do great science.

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